Don’t get comfortable.

The infamous words of a band who make me feel seventeen and full of hope and wonder again.

I’m often criticised for moving from job to job, a job hopper if you will. I’d rather have 100 jobs in my lifetime and be challenged and learn new things than have the same job that I hate for fifty years.

You know they expect us to work until we’re like, 65 now? I had my first job at 12. So you want me to spend that long miserable and bitter for the sake on consistency? Screw that. 

I love learning, I always have. But for some reason or other I feel like I never gave my educational opportunities my full attention. And I should have. Another trinket for the shoulda, woulda, coulda chain that sits so heavily on my wrist. 

But now I’m getting on some, I want to be challenged every day. I don’t want to hate my alarm and I don’t want to stretch my walk to work out as long as possible. I want to wake up before seven and look forward to my day. It’s not a lot to ask.

People love their jobs and I envy the shit out of them. 

I have chopped and changed throughout my fourteen years in employment and my CV could be pages long. But I have stories to tell, so many stories.

So to you who criticise me for moving on when I get bored, more fool you.


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